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Wood Floor Staining Service

Usually staining is always done after sanding, because the upper (top) surface of the wood has been cleaned precisely, making a much more pleasant result. After the sanding, we have to colorize the floor, called 'staining'. This service is still before sealing (polishing) and finishing.

Definitely, before the staining is done, the decoration of the room or the premise should be taken into account, what is the style of the house or apartment something else crucial to your comfort.

Among the options you can choose are:

  • coloured wax;
  • oil-based wood stains;
  • water-based pigments stains;

When choosing a colour for staining, we will offer you a palette for a better choice.

The service itself requires a clean and smooth surface, with no holes or damages (we can make gap filling and nail replacement if necessary). Sometimes it's good to change boards that are different in colour than others to not stand out.

When we make the staining, it is essential to keep in mind what floor colour should be achieved precisely as it was before the sanding. This may be the preservation of the previous version or an entirely new look.

An important thing to keep in mind during the survey is:

  • the type of colour you want
  • what's the wood of your floor (it has to be counted)
  • what kind of usage has the floor (to see which is the most sustainable option)
  • what effect should be achieved after finishing

If you work with a decorating expert and want a specific version, we can offer this option. Sometimes when a room or a place is completely renovated, the floor service must be done before some other renovations, repairs, or decorations.

Regarding commercial spaces, staining is very different. There are parts of the light in the room, what style is in use, and which parts are the most intensive by the customers.

The variants are a lot, and we can achieve exactly the outcome you are looking for.

For more details, you can contact our office and arrange a meeting at a convenient time for you.

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