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Wood Floor Sealing Service

Sealing the floor is mandatory after any repair or sanding. It is imperative to keep air, moisture, and pollution from direct contact with the wood. The sealing itself may include staining, varnishing, oiling, waxing.

It is a must after the floor renovation, which is the process of replacing rotten, broken boards with similarly reclaimed boards, nailed the boards.

Types of floor sealing:

  • Oiling - using natural oil or other to achieve the matte or satin finish. There is teak, linseed, water-based, lacquer. This method is more durable than waxing, but it needs more time to dry.
  • Waxing - paste, liquid (it can be colored wax)
  • Varnishing

You can maintain the floor with typically natural products such as wax (wax), paste wax, flaxseed oil.

The natural coatings - wax, flaxseed oil, and other such maintenance are required every two years to be buffed and applied wax or oil. There are cleaning oils that can be used for maintenance as well.

We can make the sealing process precisely as you wish.

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