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Complete Wood Floor Restoration Services

Generally, every 3-4 years, there are changes on the floor surface and differences between different parts of the floor. Restoring the floor is a kind of complete renovation of the appearance to its original look. Floor restoration is mainly for wooden floors, which can be parquet, laminate, hardwood floor, and some other types.

Floor Restoration Options

  • Restore the original appearance of the wooden floor;
  • Repairing the floor and changing its colour and look;
  • Removing any scratches, water balloons, rotten boards, and offering an exotic combination.

Restorations are available for the following rooms:

  • Heavily loaded commercial parts;
  • House rooms;
  • Corridors between the rooms - the hallway;
  • Stairs;
  • Apartments;
  • External parts of a house or building;

In general, floor restoration is a precise process that involves several types of services to get the desired effect after the job is done. In the Victorian pine, it is vital to keep precisely the same look.

These services may be:

  • buffing (screening);
  • cleaning (vacuuming);
  • re-assessment (replacement, fitting);
  • refinishing and polishing;
  • full floor sanding and restoration.

Among many family houses in London and the outskirts, preserving the home-style includes the periodic floor restoration that we offer. You can also use wood maintenance that keeps the floor for a much more extended period and does not need any further recovery soon.

It is essential in this process to fill all the floor holes (gaps between the floorboards) to change the nails (if necessary), to make light or full floor sanding, as well as staining before finishing. When re-sealing, it is possible to use lacquer, hard-wax, or oil.

To get started, it is crucial to do a review and consider what kind of service will be done. Sometimes, there are options that are not as long in time and much more financially profitable.

If you are looking for a solution to restore a wooden floor, you can contact us and discuss your needs.

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