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Sanding service of stairs

We offer the full service to restore your stairs, which includes:

  • Restoring surface quality
  • Changing or coloring
  • Replacing boards that are in bad condition
  • Fill the gaps - to avoid filling with dirt or removing the noise of creaking
  • Fine surface polishing
  • Restoration of sills, handles or other parts of the stairs

Important when sanding the stairs:

  • It can be partial only for broken parts
  • Complete cycling can be done
  • Full restoration of the stairs with the floor surfaces of the room

For what premises can we make stairway sanding:

  • Between floors of buildings
  • Houses, villas, and chalets
  • Family hotels
  • Staircases to ceilings
  • Stairways to closets and premises under the buildings
  • External stairs to the building
  • Entrance rooms
  • Stairs in multi-level apartments

When circling stairs, we use the Orbital sander for stripes and stairs as well. You can keep in mind that noise reduction and dust are not so easy in this type of scrubbing, and the use of the dust-free option is limited.

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