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Wood Floor Reclaiming Services

This type of repair is a partial replacement of harmed (damaged) floorboards. Usually, we can replace floorboards of hardwood and solid wood floors. However, we can make the necessary changes to the laminate and engineered floor as well.

What floorboards can be replaced

Every floor is a combination of floorboards. When it comes to reclaiming, we can replace a specific floorboard or a particular zone on the floor. We consider the size and colour of each floor when we do reclaim. When replacing new boards, it is important to assess the size, thickness, and how it will be attached to the floor (with nails, glue, or other).

Common causes of reclaiming

  • After another repair of the sub-floor surface;
  • After bulging (bubbles) on the floor when flooded with liquid;
  • With entirely rotten boards that may be dangerous and may cause an incident - especially important for commercial parts and children's rooms;
  • Removing the area around the fire hearth;
  • When redrawing the entire wooden floor - rearrangement.

Replacing the boards can be thoroughly partial for a board or its closet, to replace a whole floor (usually around sinks, dining rooms, damp rooms).

If you do not replace the necessary boards and make the sanding, there will be a lower effect, which makes sense if you do not use the room, and you wish to have a decent look.

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