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Low-noise wood floor sanding services

It is suitable if the following cases occur during work:

  • You need to stay in the apartment or the house.
  • We're doing sanding in retail outlets.
  • Work should be done later and earlier in the day.
  • You want to save inconvenience for your neighbors.
  • Some young children sleep or rest.
  • The seniors should not be annoyed with the extra noise.
  • There is a commercial part of the building which accepts clients and needs customer service.


The sanding is recommended to be done before other types of repair. Unless we are talking about changing pipes, running the internet or electrical cables.

In case you are planning a complete renovation of the room, it is necessary to make the cycle before painting, repairing windows, putting new furniture, carpets, or curtains.

Once we look at the object, we can tell you what to do to keep things up.

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