entrance gap filling
dining room gap filling
house gap filling
stairs gap filling

What is gap filling:

Placing small boards of the same tree if the holes are longer or longer - usually when the edges of the boards are worn or a previous replacement of boards of other wood.

  • Placing a mixture that includes sawdust and a homogeneous mixture.
  • A resin or a particular type of mixture designed to fill and stick holes in wooden floors or other wooden surfaces.

The gap filling can be done in different ways:

  1. gap to 3mm filling with dust and resin
  2. Gap more than 3 mm filling with slivers

Why fill the gaps:

  • To stop excessive screeching noise
  • To protect the sub-floor of additional contamination
  • Preserve long life on the floor
  • To isolate the room from noise, draft, other
  • Create a firm floor to continue successfully with sanding

If you will be doing staining, varnishing or polishing the filling of holes is a must.

Which types of wood can fill gaps:

  • It is mainly on floors with parquet, solid wood or other similar. In the engine wood, such filling is not done.

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