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Wood floor repair services

There are two reasons to require floor repairs:

1/ You want to make full floor sanding and restoration;
2/ You need some small fixes to stay away from a bigger problem with your floor.

When it comes to sanding, the floor has to be repaired thoroughly. It's not possible to achieve a perfectly smooth floor surface when there are bumps and damaged floorboards.

About the small repairs, there are many examples of what problems you may have. There is no need to describe all the possible causes, but we can repair them.

Wood floor repairs

The repair of the upper floor can be:

  • Replacing boards that are in poor condition;
  • Removing nails and placing new ones - for a hardwood floor and parquet;
  • Filling holes with small boards or mixture;
  • Tighten the boards so that they are not creaking, not getting dirty or something else.

Sub-floor repairs

That's a vital part if the building is older or the boards are worn (usually after an accident with pipes, moisture, leakage, change of cables, or other).

This repair is critical to have a perfectly repaired wooden floor. It may be full restoration or new floor installation. Without the good subfloor surface, everything else is a waste of time and money.

Let's discuss your needs and decide what types of repairs have to be done.

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