floorboard repair
wood repairs
floor holes repair
floor nailing

Floor repair service

The flooring must be in perfect condition before the sanding to make sense of using this service. The main reason for this is the good condition of the floor, good cover surface.

Wood floor repair

The repair of the upper floor can be:

  • Replacing boards that are in poor condition
  • Removing nails and placing new ones - for a harder floor
  • Filling holes with small boards or mixture
  • Tighten the boards so that they are not creaking, not getting dirty or others

Sub-floor repairs

That's a vital part if the building is older or the boards are worn (usually after an accident with pipes, moisture, leakage, change of cables or other).

This repair is critical to have stagnation on the floor and make sure that when the surface is repaired, it will have the necessary effect.

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