Wood Flooring Installation

Layng a floor is a service mainly for new flooring, which is fitting on a smooth surface (sometimes with a membrane option to preserve the wood). It's a process that includes different approaches until the job is done.

Every installation depends on the floorboard types and what type of wood is used.

With this type of service, we can offer the fitting of any kind like:

  • parquet (herringbone);
  • engineered wood;
  • hardwood boards;
  • solid wood;

Depending on the type of floor you use different methods such as:

  • nailing;
  • glue-down;
  • assembling (installation);
  • applying a sticking compound;

In case the sub-floor zone needs to be repaired, we can perform this extra service (You might want to keep in mind that it is not included in the price offered by default because it is visible at a later stage).

If necessary, we can offer additional installation services:

  • Removal of the old/current floorboards;
  • Repair of the sub-floor area (if necessary);
  • Laying the new floor on the best possible way;
  • Sanding, staining, polishing - if refinishing is needed.

A crucial point in this type of service is to consider the subfloor's condition because it affects the wooden floor's life. Separately, if you are going to change pipes, cables, or others - this should be done before laying the floor.

Flooring Installation Process

First, you must have to choose and buy the floor to install it. We can make a prior consultation on this and assist you in selecting the right wood, fasteners, varnishes (if needed), and more.

When you're going to make a new floor installation, it's expected to have a perfect flooring for at least 10-15 years. That's the reason to consider all the necessary services required to get a fantastic result.

Regarding the placement of a new floor in a commercial area, shop, or outside of the building (decking), other things may need to be complied with. Our team will do the job to get the desired effect from your new wood floor.

Before any action, it is advisable to consult with us and we'll inspect the site to be sure what, how, and when has to be done.

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